I was working with tadydyta on his project, but he isn’t able to continue it.

It was SG dating sim and I was helping him with sprites.

If you want to see more of them, visit my Tumblr.

Also, feel free to use them, if you want to.

OK, I forced her to make a Tumblr account. So she can post all her sprites here! 

TY Mit!



She drew a lot more sprites for my canceled project, but these are three I have saved in my computer.

(If you want to use them, ask Mitju.)

✄, ☢, ✰!


Something about my portrayal that differs from others

I think the Peacock I play is a way bigger asshole than like, every other Peacock I’ve seen. Maybe that’s because I’m a real old fan of Skullgirls? I take a lot of her portrayal from not only what we see in the game, but her concept art and interviews with the creator of Skullgirls’ characters.

And in the old concept art, she was not anything even resembling a good person. Her fighting style doesn’t exactly help the image much. Honestly, I was really taken by surprise when the game first came out and her storymode portrayed her as a good guy. I was convinced she was a villain, since nothing had ever suggested otherwise prior.

So yeah—she’s never struck me as a particularly nice or sweet person, and it really irks me when I see that in other Peacock portrayals, to be truthful. So I try to make her the Biggest Shithead I Possibly Can. Insult everyone, be a dick for no reason other than for the sake of being a dick, be totally willing to wantonly hurt people who irk her. Even the people she likes get shit from her.

Also I’m a lot less meme-y, I think. I don’t actually use a whole lot of references in Peacock’s dialogue. Which is proooobably breaking character a bit, but generally I do try to play Peacock as a character to be taken seriously, not a joke, so I cut back on that aspect a lot. Also, it’s too easy to use as humor, y’know? I’d rather rely on actual cleverness than substituting memes for it ehehe

Something about my character that I’ve never explored but want to

Come to think of it… I don’t think I’ve ever really had her talk to anyone about her past at all. Even in her interactions with Marie, the topic’s been skirted around. Like… it’s been brought up and summarized briefly on occasion, but I don’t think there’s ever been a point where she’s discussed the things that have happened to her in any amount of depth.

I think it’d be neat to do, though I wouldn’t want to necessarily just abruptly start up a thread solely for that purpose. It’d have to be the kind of thing that just naturally comes up amidst interactions, y’know? She’s not the kind of person who pours her heart out to any old Joe who happens to come by.

A reaction image I will probably never use


ok but for real i might use it sometime but seeing her pals will be pretty rare until she actually gets more Avery Unit time

You are right. Peacock is sadistic, dominant and sociopathic in my opinion. That’s why I like her.

THIS shit is in tag Skullgirls..
OK, I’m really pissed now. 
Like 90% of pictures tagged “Skullgirls” are random girls.
The fuck?

THIS shit is in tag Skullgirls..

OK, I’m really pissed now. 

Like 90% of pictures tagged “Skullgirls” are random girls.

The fuck?

Why are half-skeleton figures of cartoon characters in a tag “skullgirls”?

Same as naked women with painting on their faces…

I remember when I saw this for the first time. It looked like it was something else.. Oh well.



Skullgirls Sexcanon #18:

"Samson also controls Filia’s pubes." 

(image source)

We need more Skullgirls sexcanons. :D


Wants help on skullheart, but too shy or afraid to post anything due to the fear of dickhead elitist.

Don’t be scared. Theres like two or three idiots but other people are very kind.

Why do I hate protoss722 so much? 

I have weird sexual fantazies too and I don’t post it everywhere. Hes stupid.

Someone shares same opinion?


Best In The WestCredit: poisonparfait

Yea, I bet Peacock has even bigger co-… Teeth than you…. Yes, teeth…


Best In The West
Credit: poisonparfait

Yea, I bet Peacock has even bigger co-… Teeth than you…. Yes, teeth…